• DAN MARSH - dash


  • john testa​ - dice

​safety officer

  • BILL STORER - Bill


  • Pacheco Buccello-Lisa 

road captains

  • ada mcdowell - meatball

  • david olah - dave

tail gunners

  • Jerry salvas - jroc 

  • Mark Tibbets - Wingy

  • bob rea - bobby

     freedom cruisers rc 


  • dan marsh

asst. nh state director

  • ada mcdowell 

​FCRC Officer's Code of Conduct:

As an Officer of FCRC you agree to follow all the Freedom Cruisers Club Guidelines, Rules, and Regulations.

FCRC Officers are responsible for maintaining the public image and perception of the Club. An FCRC Officer should not publicly make any statements, in any form of communication, or commit an act, that portrays the Club, or its Members in a negative or unfavorable manner.

An FCRC Officer has a duty of loyalty to the FCRC, other fellow Officers and Members. An FCRC Officer should not make any statement, or commit any act, which would cause his/her duty of loyalty to be called into question.

All Officers of FCRC will be required to wear the FCRC Club Patch. All Chapter Presidents must be patched, as well as any other appointed Chapter Officers.

​Chapter Presidents must keep The National Board notified of any changes to their email address, mailing address, and contact phone numbers. Violation will lead to dismissal from their current position. Chapter Presidents are also responsible for keeping updated contact information of their Members.